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Cindy Urbanski

Ph.D. in Urban Literacy

Cindy Urbanski

Evolving from the Roots: The Magic in the Work  (2024) NEW

When we are rooted, and open, those tools come to us, like magic. Except it’s not. It’s the work.

Cindy spent a lifetime bulldozing her way through and working hard at, well, everything. That is, except for the work that matters: the work of mental health. In a collection of essays chronicling her continued journey, she shares snippets of her life growing up on a recreational farm next door to her grandparents and then as a mother, wife, academic, and runner turned yogi. Each story on her journey tells how she has been evolving over the past decade. She just needed the courage to tend and water some roots that never left her, even when she neglected them for a time.

Reflecting on her 50 years of toggling between living life at breakneck speeds to finally surrendering to what she calls the real work, Evolving at the Roots shares how Cindy is learning to slow down, build her toolbox, and find the magic that exists in a rooted, continuously evolving life. Cindy hopes others can find some peace in her words and magic in their lives as they reach down deep and find the courage to do their own work, whatever that looks like.

Getting Schooled On Resistance (2024) NEW

Getting Schooled on Resistance examines the experience of one school’s attempt to push back on the deficit model of education and represents the overall story of urban school reform. In this book, readers will find stories and critical analysis of what happens to students, teachers and schools when their ideas and thoughts are undervalued.

Episode 108: The Power of Resistance with Dr. Cindy Urbanski The Written Compass

In Episode 108, Dr. Shana Hartman dives into Cindy's newest self-publication, Getting Schooled on Resistance: An Exploration of Clashing Narratives in Urban School Reform. Highlights from their convo:

  • how we all had moments of not fitting into the traditional model of school

  • the importance of telling the stories of students and teachers

  • the process for reclaiming a traditionally published book and self-publishing as a new title

Conversation With Cindy

My Services


Keynote Speaker

Full Day

Holding a conference?
Need a headliner to draw people in for your amazing breakout presenters?
Urbanski will lead an interactive talk for your large group and offer her own break-out sessions for smaller groups afterward.



Half Day
Have a group of 50 or less?
Ready to get pens moving across the page and fingers clacking on keys?
Urbanski will lead a hands-on session with loads of space for writing, thinking, talking and feedback around topics of interest to your group.


Classroom Visit or
Book Club Talk

Interested in Urbanski’s books as a text in your course or book club?
Want to dive deeper into the whats and hows not only of the text but how one goes about writing such a thing? Urbanski will visit with your group, talk about her book and her process, and answer any questions participants may have.

Cindy Urbanski

About Cindy Urbanski

Cindy recognizes the complexity of being human. She merges her identities as a researcher, writing teacher, coach, yogi, wife and mom to offer healing and compassion, and always, always rock the boat.

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